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Answering machine Unlike operator messaging the caller does not talk onlie a human. As land lines become less important, due to the smiilares to cell phone technology, and as unified communications matures, most 20th century answering machines used magnetic recording which Eimilares Poulsen invented in 1898. The creation of the first practical automatic answering device for telephones, many claim it was William Muller in 1935, but it could have been created already in 1931 by William Schergens whose device used phonographic cylinders. Ludwig Blattner promoted a telephone answering machine in 1929 based on his Blattnerphone magnetic recording technology, in 1935 inventor Benjamin Thornton developed a machine to record voice messages from the caller. The device reportedly also was able to track of the time the recordings were made. Although many sources maintain that pildoras similares viagra online invented it in 1935, Thornton had actually filed a patent in 1930 for this machine, a commercial answering machine, the Tel-Magnet, offered in the United States in 1949, played o viagra tem algum efeito collateralized messages and recorded incoming messages on a magnetic wire. It was priced at 200 but was not a commercial success, the Electronic Secretary used the then state-of-the-art technology of a 45 rpm record player for announcements and a wire recorder for message capture and playback. Electronic Secretary Industries was purchased in 1957 by General Telephone and Electronics, another commercially successful answering machine was the Ansafone created by inventor Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto, who pildoras similares viagra online employed by a company called Phonetel. This company began selling the first answering machines in the US in 1960, Answering generico do viagra funciona became more widely used after the restructuring of ATamp;T in 1984, which was when the machines became affordable and sales reached one million units per year in the US.

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